If there is a need for pumps at your plant, we are ready to offer a set of customized process design solutions and technical maintenance services of various price range under the brand name PROPUMPS. It is a unique offer tailor- made for such industries as:

• mining;

• energy;

• metallurgy and mineral processing;

• chemical.

In 2012 PRO Eurasia launched production of slurry pumps range under the brand name PROPUMPS. One of the main competitive advantages of PROPUMPS is a wide range of impellers and linings made of various alloys and elastoplastic fully interchangeable and compatible with other pump components.


USM plant in Magnitogorsk houses a consignment stock of process equipment and PROPUMPS pumping equipment manufactured by PRO Eurasia specifically for supply to the mineral processing plants located in the Ural federal district.

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