Andritz RITZ



Andritz RITZ GmbH is a company within major holding ANDRITZ GROUP. Since its establishment in 1900 the company has focused on design and manufacturing of centrifugal pumps. From the very start the business stood out through many innovations. A number of patents issued to the company (since 1882) speak for its recognition in the market of pumping equipment.



Mining and processing

Water safety of mines and surrounding areas is one of the most important factors for the mining industry. Mine operators all over the world rely on submersible pumps with double suction, and high pressure pumps manufactured by Andritz RITZ.

General purpose industrial application

Wherever the need for pumping liquid arises, Andritz RITZ’s industrial pumps are a strong presence. The pumps can work in extreme temperatures and high pressures, in aggressive corrosive media containing solids, for transport of suspensions, lubricants, acids, alkali and oils.

Water supply

In all sectors of water management, ANDRITZ Ritz pumps play a major role in the abstraction and distribution of this valuable resource. What is more, the high efficiency of our products makes it possible to reduce operating costs. This means that investment in a ANDRITZ Ritz pump amounts to less than 1 % of the energy costs over ten years.

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